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Dear Parent,

Thank you for exploring the wonderful world of Shidonni!

We have created Shidonni as a place to nurture kids' creativity and imagination.

We wanted to go one step further from the templates we found online and give a remarkable and personal experience, which allows kids of all ages to express themselves.
The answer was simple! Give any 5 year old a pen and a paper and see them create their own pets, friends, worlds, galaxies and stories.
Shidonni is mimicking just that. In Shidonni, kids get their own online "pen and paper" to sketch animals. The moment they do, their creations come to life ‘virtually’.
Kids can then create worlds for their animals, feed them, play with them and share them with their friends.

Shidonni is ideal for kids aged 4-12 years old, but anyone can play. This is why we have added many layers of safety and privacy. We monitor any creation that is being shared globally and at this point, we are not allowing any type of chat or messaging. Our strict privacy policy can be found here.
We are keeping Shidonni a free-to-play game. Our Pro accounts allow us to keep Shidonni free from advertising. More information on our Pro accounts is here.

We believe that encouraging creativity is crucial to counter the "ready–made culture" kids are living in. Next to creativity, we are promoting values such as responsibility for your creations and friendship.

Shidonni is planned as a safe entry to "internet literacy" for kids - true to our mantra "Creative Fun for Kids". We hope you'll enjoy it as much we do!

The Team at Shidonni

Please find below some answers to the most common questions we get (more can be found here):

What can you do at Shidonni ?

In Shidonni, children are able to draw their own imaginary animals and worlds and play with them as they come to life through animation.

Shidonni is based on three main elements:

  1. Child friendly drawing editors – simple and fun to use editors that support easy drawing of animals, worlds and other designs.
  2. A virtual world – your kids' drawings come to life in a virtual world.  The users are then able to interact with their drawings by caring, feeding, dressing and playing with them, all in a set of challenging and fun games.
  3. A safe sharing network – children can connect to other people they know, both family and friends and share with them their animals and worlds through a safe internal network.  Adding the social aspect of sharing designs, encourages children to create great drawings and in turn further triggers their imagination.

We reward creativity – every creative activity is rewarded with additional design tools to enhance a child’s user experience allowing for even more imaginative fun!


Why is Shidonni better and different?

Shidonni emphasizes creativity and encourages creative thinking.

Shidonni moves away from preset items, templates and an over commercial currency based activity.  Children are not merely putting together ready-made parts and winning "money" as they do in other sites.

We encourage children to actually create and develop their own ingenious worlds. They can go wherever their imagination takes them.  We believe that encouraging creativity is crucial in counteracting today’s "ready –made culture". Next to creativity, our games and activities promote the essential values of responsibility and friendship.

In addition, Shidonni helps to develop the right hemisphere of the brain, which is strongly associated with creativity and imaginative thinking.  You can read more about this through our White Paper which you can download for free here.


What do professionals, educators and parents say about Shidonni?

Here are just 2 quotes from the many comments we have received:

“Shidonni is an amazing way for kids to express themselves creatively. ... I am really in awe of this site and its capabilities. The site is simple enough for kindergarten students to use but will keep even 5th grade students intrigued.
(iLearn Technology )

“The intrinsic reward that comes from creating something from nothing with one’s own hands and sharing it with others is timeless and priceless……the makers of Shidonni bring the simple concept of creative illustration to life online.  Bravo!”
(Linda Young, Ph.D., Counseling Psychologist and family cyber-safety expert)

More can be found here.


What does it cost ?

Shidonni is a free to play world. You can register for free and gain access to most of the features in the game.

Users who choose to upgrade their accounts to "Shidonni Pro" benefit from additional creative elements such as more colors, more worlds to draw and special brushes, effects and sharing capabilities.

Learn more about Shidonni-Pro benefits here

We are constantly adding new content and tools for the free and Pro accounts, whilst continuing to offer both an ad-free and safe and fun experience.


Who is playing ?

Shidonni is ideal for children from the ages of 4 to 12.  We created Shidonni as a safe entry to "internet literacy" even for our youngest users,  

Younger children will enjoy doodling and playing with their creations as they come to life, while primary level children will be able to enjoy more elaborate games and text based activities such as the animated book.  

Shidonni purposely uses as minimum written text as possible, allowing even pre-school children to play and enjoy Shidonni independently.


Is Shidonni Safe ?

Shidonni is a safe place for kids and  is consistent with the U.S. Department of Commerce's Safe Harbor Principles for the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA).

We do not collect personal information from unregistered children.

We provide a safe registration process gathering the minimal information about each account.

Most notably, we only allow children which know each others user-names to connect.

We carefully monitor any creation that is being shared globally by our trained team.  

Our strict privacy policy can be found here.